**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

My Cuties in Action!!!

Nate controlling the TV now
Just like daddy does.

Audrey got her face painted like a pink cheetah when we attended are grocery stores block party.

Cheetah's don't smile, don't you know?

How to pack a suitcase. No children harm in the making of this video.

Garden Week 6

Audrey threw some potatoes in the ground and look what grew.
My tomatoes and corn have really grown big!

Cukes in the back, Peppers (-l shape) and onions

Beets and red cabbage are over-taking my eggplants on the end. Forgot to snap pics of our beans and peas but some are ready to harvest. YUM!!

The overall view

The Detroit Zoo

Monday I decided to take the kids to the Detroit Zoo. I decided that I would surprise Audrey and didn't tell her where we were going. By the time we reached the zoo, she saw the huge water tower and guessed. She was so excited. All she asked about the whole time were the penguins. I decided that would be our last stop. It gives her more motivation to get through the whole zoo.

We started at the butterfly and bird house. Good thing because they make it feel like a rain forest for them. Hot & Humid not my thing. After that we traveled along stopping to see all the animals on the way. I will have a slide show at the end for you all to take a look at. We stopped for a quick snack. I wasn't sure if we were snacking or the peahen thought we were the snack. She was not afraid of us and came quite close. I sort of wanted to freak out but have to remember that what my children see from me they repeat. So, I don't want Audrey to be afraid of things just because her mom is. After that we continued on the path moving from one animal to another. Nate thought that this was a good time to nap. I thought it was a good time to stop for lunch. I could actually sit and eat something. Nathan just wants to eat and go. He doesn't like it when the stroller stops moving.

After lunch we went to the Arctic Ring of Life. This holds the polar bears and seals. Very cool! Ha Ha!! They have a tunnel you walk under where you can see the polar bears and seals swim. I really liked what they did with the exhibit. A short trip to the gift shop. Nate woke up and I gave him some chicken nuggets to eat. We continued on till we came to a grassy picnic area and I let Nate out for a walk. Or a run as he thought it. He has gotten so fast that mom has to pick up the pace. It makes me worried. He's so small, I'm so big running with speed. What would happen if he stopped and I didn't. Anyway, I try to keep to the side and hope all works out. I bribed him with some more chicken and packed him up. Off to the reptiles, amphibians and penguins. All most near the end. She loved the reptiles. The Frogs were really hard to find but the penguins are so cool. I could watch a penguin swim all day. They are so fast and quick with their movements in the water, amazing. So that was our wonderful trip. We all had a good time and Audrey is already to go back again. I thought it would be fun to go back for Halloween.

Dray Way Update

The good thing was that everyone had a fun time and are planning another trip. However, in the Third leg Matt red lighted and that was the end to the night. You'll do better next time honey! I'm happy that all the work he put into his car he got such good results. I can't wait till Nate is old enough and we can make it a family trip.

Garage Sale A Bust

Yes, I'm still here. It's been longer than I wanted in between post. I didn't get to week 3 of the garden but did get a picture for week 4. You can begin to see how much everything has grown. Nate's ear tube surgery went well and has recovered fine. Friday(6/5) we made the trip to my friends to support her garage sale. It was a nice day and I hope that she did well. Still waiting to hear how everything went. Saturday we relaxed at home to save energy for our big shopping adventure. Sunday, the kids and my mom took a trip out to Great Lakes Crossing mall (outlet-like). I wanted to shop Carter's and take Audrey to The Great Outdoors(Bass Pro Shop). She loved it and like the fish and ducks they had around the place.

The rest of the week was watching the weather and getting ready for my garage sale. I guess everyone has to have ONE! What a joke, I made a little money but not the hundred I was hoping for. I've heard of people doing so well at them but not me. It didn't help that Saturday was rainy and overcast. I had fewer customers on Sat. than I did on Fri. and eventually gave in to my bad idea. I had so much kids clothes that I thought for sure I would see people. I think the economy sucks so bad in Michigan that people can't afford to shop let alone garage sale. Well, at least I'll have a nice "donation" that will come in handy. Plus, it will feel good to get rid of all that stuff. Now my basement feels so open.

The other exciting events:
1. I got sun burnt on Friday, Ouch!!

2. Learned an important lesson. You better pay attention when filling the bath
tub or it will overflow. In my case, gushing water into the basement.

3. All boys are fascinated with the toilet. Mine learned how to flush for the
first time. And no, no foreign objects were flushed. Thank God!

4. Nathan has now moved onto stairs. Going up okay, needs you to hold both
hands to go down.

5. Nathan devoured his first peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

6. Matt took Audrey to the drag way to watch him race his Mustang. So far so good I'll keep you posted about their day.

Nate took his own picture.

Nathan's Ear Surgery

Nathan had his ear surgery done today to get ear tubes. Mom started the day bright and early at 4 a.m. Too early for me. I got ready and woke Nate up to change him and load him into the car. Then it was off to pick up grandma. The surgery center was a 40 minute drive from our house and arrived right on time at 5:40 a.m. I was ready to go back to bed. They got Nathan registered and then we hung out till they called us back to the pre-op room for his 7 a.m surgery.

There we got to watch Disney's Cars, which Nate seemed to really like. I was asked questions and then we got weighed, Nate is a little over 19lbs now. They gave him some Tylenol after taking with the anesthesiologist. I guess all he gets is a small dose with a mask. It takes about 30 seconds for him to fall asleep and the procedure was done in 10 minutes. They also gave him some other medicine (can't remember the name) to help take the edge off. The doctor said the procedure went well and he removed some opulent fluid from Nate's ears. Of course his right ear was worse and that is the ear that always got the infections.

Afterwards Nate work up and wanted him mommy. He needed a drink of juice and his binky and then he was ready to go home. Yeah, I just wanted to get out of there. He had his hands up near his ears a little in the beginning but is doing very well. He is his normal self and he help mom by taking a 2 hour nap. I got some sleep too! I asked the doctor about ear plugs and to my surprise he said "no". It seems that it doesn't prevent ear infection just because it keeps water out. He said the water alone doesn't cause ear infections and we only need ear plugs if he is swimming in a lake (contaminated water). That good to know since Nate started pulling his ear plugs out in the bath. Either way I will still be careful about the water.

Audrey Graduates, Moves to Kindergarten!

Friday Audrey graduated preschool. It offical, she is now a kindergartener. I can't believe it! My baby is growing up. She has been changing so fast. She is really picking up on new things and has changed her social skills(for the better). I'm going to cry when I actually have to shop for school supplies and have to take her to her first day of Big Girl School.

The last day was nice and relaxed. The kids got to have a party with ice cream. They gathered around to get their certificates and gifts from their teachers. They all got a book about going off to kindergarten. I surprised Audrey with a pink rose. She loves flowers and was tickled "pink" to get a flower. Afterwards, they had one last time to play with friends. Only 2 kids from her class will be attending her school and we'll have to wait to see if they end up in the same class or not.

Some pictures are in another post, thanks to my mom. I did remember my camera this time, whoo whoop!! BUT... the batteries died:( Thank God I'm not a photographer, I'd be without a job.

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