**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**


I haven’t been on here in a while. After blogging for a year, I’m really burnt out. The excitement of doing something new has worn off. I have been thinking about my family lately. There has been a lot going on…

We made a decision to sell our car and am a proud owner of a mini van. Although I said I would never own one, I am liking it so far. Audrey is ecstatic about it. My SUV had limited seating and was not accessible for Nate. 

I also have made the decision to go back to school. It’s scary to think about going back, especially since I’ve already done it and said I would never go back. But things happen in life and your path leads you in another direction. A direction you thought wouldn’t happen. Hopefully, in 2 years I will be a nurse. After all, I practically feel like one after taking care of my kids. But this will give me something to do when the kids are in school (after Nate is anyway!).

I also have been thinking about my uncle. I ask that you all keep him in your prayers. He has been fighting stage 4 prostate cancer. He has had several different radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Since things have been so advance, the treatments haven’t been working. He was recently in the hospital for blood transfusions and is starting on a path of new experimental treatments. My heart breaks because he is only 60 and a first time grandfather last year. His father (my paternal grandfather) also suffered from cancer. I thank the Lord that my dad is still in good health. This has been a scary time for our family.

After Nate, I really took a look into the genetics of family (or at least thought about it a lot). Here I am 5’7” and my husband is 6’5”, we have two children. Audrey is 6 1/2 at is measuring 4’2”. The average for her age is 3’4”. This puts her into the average size of a 10 year old. Love to see what the age of her bones are. The doctor told us that she will be reaching 6 foot. Nathan, on the other-hand is a different story. Because of his dwarfism, he will most likely be in a 4 foot range. He is measuring 31 inches so far. Since he’s closest to a 3 year olds age, their average is 33 inches. So, he is still pretty close, but when he is next to someone his age, he is definitely looks smaller. I would love for someone to do a genetics study on my family just to see how these things happen, what you get from whom.

On the brighter side, Audrey starts school on Sept. 7th! I’m so excited and so is she. She is in the 1st grade now. Her teacher, Mrs. Madigan, is so nice and I felt a good connection with her teacher. On top of that all her friends (most of them) from her old class are in hers. She also has some of the friends from her Daisy group. I’m so glad, it makes going back a lot easier. Since there are 4 different 1st grades, she may have ended up with no one. Obviously, the teachers pay attention to this and when they pick students for their class they work hard to keep friendships together. I hope to get some pictures up from the first day

Also, Nate is going back to speech therapy this week. He has been making good progress. He has been saying new words and putting together two word phrases. He’s still shy around new people and doesn’t talk. Most of the words he makes substitute for the real thing so only I know what he is referring to. I was super proud of him the other day saying “batteries,” it was really clear and it is a 3 syllable word. Now some pictures!♥

kids 001 On FB I mentioned the shoe debacle. Nate loved his pair of shoes so much, no new shoe compared. I finally found this shoes online but they didn’t have the same color. But it was a success. Never knew boys would be so picky about shoes. Stubborn (wonder where he gets it from?) Also, this is his new way to lounge with the dog!

august 015

My parents with the kids this summer! Note I got Nate ready for bed and then my mom said, we need pictures!

august 020Nate got some toy power tools. In it were safety goggles. Enough said!!

Nate wanted to give the cat a treat. That’s one of his favorite jobs is to give the dog and cat treats. He pulled out this huge tub of catnip. I thought he listened to me (emm hmm) and put it back. I’m making dinner and hear his giggle. I captured the action. One of the best things on Earth is the pure joy that comes from a child’s laugh!!

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