**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**


I can’t believe that so much time has gotten away from me. In a week the family leaves for Nashville, TN. By that time I will have so much to blog about as if I don’t already. It’s been two months since I’ve posted anything. Maybe some will understand how much it takes to stay on top of blogging, Facebook, e-mails, general surfing and research. I was starting to have a deep and meaningful relationship with my computer. I missed the interaction with my family and seeing Nate cry because I pulled out the laptop finally did me in. I stepped back from blogging and have drastically cut back my Facebook. Really, it was the Facebook that fueled the obsession.

I left off some place back in May. I can hardly remember what I did the day before and now I have to think back that far? I’ll just hit the highlights. I talked about Nate starting Speech Therapy. He went a total of 6 times before the end of the year (school year). He is not much for the school scene and barely wants to interact but that’s okay. Nate likes to hang back and observe and he definitely absorbs everything in. He has really increased his vocabulary. He still needs help in pronunciation which will come in time.
Audrey has finished Kindergarten and graduated to the 1st Grade. It was bittersweet. I’m so proud of her but there is the realization that she is growing up and with that more white hairs have popped up on my head. I once again have planted a garden this year. I was a week behind in getting everything planted and had to replant some plants that died. This year I planted a little less and some different things. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow bell peppers, onions, red cabbage, broccoli, cilantro and my herbs; oregano, thyme and chives. Usually I’m super-psyched about gardening but the bug isn’t hitting me. Maybe I’m just thinking about my vacation.

So you may be wondering what I have been doing in all my non-computer time. Well, I joined a gym! I need to work out and lose all the pregnancy weight. I need to be healthy for my family and hopefully not be sick anymore. I get to put Nate (Audrey too) in childcare which is good for him in socializing and increasing his vocabulary. I was going on a pretty regular basis until my kids decided to be sick. Nate came down with a sinus infection in late April which we treated. In about 3 weeks he came down with his second sinus infection which again needed antibiotics. The second was the worst because it spread to his eyes. He woke up in the morning with his eyes glued shut. I had enough, I requested to see and allergist. Of all the times he has gotten sick, it must be due to him having allergies. This week we found out that he is allergic to dogs and we have one! Short from getting rid of the dog, we can treat him with antihistamines and use an air purifier. I have been in super cleaning mode to eliminate as much dog hair as possible. Or should I say impossible. I won’t be sorry when his times up, I just have to wait another 10 years or so. I was also told that when you have allergies you are more susceptible to colds and other things. The picture is more clear now. On a side note at the doctor’s office today was a very friendly stray cat that Audrey tried to take home. Really, that darn thing actually jumped in my car as I opened the door. Why was I at the doctor’s today? Seven days till Nashville and Audrey got Strep Throat. This has been a bad year of ailments. I’ve paid my dues, my doctors are rich!!

We also went to a small farm to see some animals. I happen to run into an old college friend and her 3 year old son. We got together for the kids to play and for us to catch up. It was so nice. I hope that we have more time to get together.

I’ll end it here with more things to come.

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