**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

Mommy Smack Down, Sort of!

I don’t know if there is a good post title. I’ve stepped into the hard part of parenting. What to say and do when a child’s behavior is not appropriate. Audrey has a few friends in the neighborhood to play with. I see that she gets along better with one friend over the other. There has been insistence where the girls have reverted to hitting, but today mom lost it. Ahh, no I was not the one hitting. Maybe I should be more clear? My daughter was the recipient of not one but two hits and some pinches (girls like to pinch). Mostly because the girl didn’t like to hear “no.” There has been other things said by this girl that were hurtful and I left undressed. My mistake. Today, all those feelings caught up with me as I marched over to her house and said to her mom, “We gotta talk!” I could have waited for her to get off the phone but I felt as if this monster voice came out of my mouth as soon as I opened it. None the less, the problem was addressed appropriately and I did call and apologize for my inappropriate barking.

I feel like I need a class on how to address these issues. Either I’m too soft or I’m too hard. Most the time I can’t even think of the words that need to be said. I know that this is a job that none of us want to do, but have to. Sometimes I wonder if I’m on the defense for all the teasing and such I got when I was younger. I know that we all want to protect our kids from hurting, I just hope that I can learn to handle things better in the future. This is more of a vent to clear my thoughts. Thanks for listening.

It’s Gonna Happen

So several times I’ve attempted to put together a post. I type a few words and then have to attend to something. By the time I get back to it emotions have changed and I just trash the thoughts. This time, I’m posting while finishing dinner and am determined to finish. Even if it’s a mish mosh of thoughts.

We’ve been getting things put together so Audrey is already to start kindergarten. We go Monday for school pictures and to find out her teacher and other stuff. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. This is such a big deal for me. My baby is 5 1/2 and going to school. Makes me feel old. Sept. 2nd is the open house. That should be exciting. I don’t know if it is for returning students or just new students but we should get to know the staff and the layout of the school. She starts in 2 weeks, Sept. 8th. We took a trip to the library to get books. We like to read before bedtime. It helps encourage her to get to bed.

We also have ventured into new territory. Matt decided to buy a 1/4 cow. Thinking that this may help food cost in the long run. We did get things inexpensive and after all the meat is the freshest you can get. Things I didn’t know: meat at the store has been “hanging” around dead for a few months and to make it “look” fresh (red) to the customer, they pump carbon dioxide into the packaging. I think that is about all I care to know. We have tried it and it is tender and delicious. We also got some fresh pork chops and bacon, also very good.

Other then that things have settled down around here. I have Nate going to the eye doctor on the 18th of Sept. That reminds me, I need to make an appt. too. It’s been 3 yrs. I’m also anxiously awaiting the arrival of my neighbor’s baby. Her little girl is due in 2 weeks. Her son and Nate are 6 weeks apart and Audrey and her daughter love to play together. I just want to hold a newborn again. I miss them when their that small, but happy that I am all done. I look forward to them exiting the toddler stage.

So, I’ll just leave you with some cute pictures of the kids. You know, “the usual!”

Nate 001

Audrey and Nate playing Whack-A-Mole

Nate 002

You can see Nate’s good at whacking the mole!

Nate 004 Nate 003 Nate 005

Nate got a new pair of shoes. One of Three that his grandpa found. Thank-you Bubba!!

Nate 006 Nate 007 

This picture was too cute. Audrey got a new webkinz, which Nate just loves. Funny, because he never would go for stuff animals until this one. So, he carried it into his room and sat on his Little People School that makes noise. It’s more fun to use your butt or you feet. It’s like the rug you sit on for reading time in school.

Reposting Growth Charts

I was checking some of Nate’s growth statistics today and went to my blog link to pull up he growth charts. I’m totally embarrassed. When I originally went to post the information, I must of posted the same old charts. So, here I go again. Keep your fingers crossed I don’t screw it up again.

From Windows Live Writer
From Windows Live Writer
From Windows Live Writer

I better prepare myself for when the questions come

I know that at some point the questions about Nathan will come. So far, I really haven’t had to explain anything. Now that comments have been said, I feel that stage light. I always felt I was prepared but more so in the medical since. I never thought about what to say if kids start asking questions. Things have to be explain differently to them sometimes.

Audrey has been going to VBS (vacation bible school) at our church all week. They don’t always see us because we aren’t the greatest attends. The kids can’t sit through an hour and a half service. Seriously! So, I send Audrey to Sunday School and Nate and I go to Bible Study. It counts in my book. Anyway, as I dropped her off today I got the usually questions and comments.

  1. Oh, look at that curly hair (this is pretty much heard everywhere.)
  2. How old is he now (Answer: 19 months).
  3. As Nate’s walking: Oh, look at him go, how cute! He LOOKS so SMALL. (usually commented by how he’ll grow up to be so big or tall, ect.)

So, what do you say? I don’t want to dive into some conversation when there isn’t time to explain things properly. But, I don’t want to lie either. I do feel I need to comment on it though. So, my response is simply this: “Yes, he’s a Little Person.” Now, I told the truth but I’m sure in their minds that I’m making a reference to him being a small child rather than having dwarfism. AH people don’t automatically put Little Person together with dwarf. But I welcome any questions that come there after, but for the most part everyone’s silent. I know that as Nate gets closer to 2 years of age, everyone will see why he’s so special!

What Happens When I Don’t Want To Nap

It can be aggravating when sleep schedules get changed. Especially when you have to head out and about. I do my best to keep Nate on a schedule. Tonight I made spaghetti with homemade meat sauce. I can’t believe how Nate dove into it (almost literally). He really liked it. A full tummy and a days worth of play led to this:

Nate 006

This hasn’t been the first time but I have the proof now.

Kids Play Dress Up, Garden Surprise, Nate’s Ortho Appt.

After the Birthday Party Audrey attended on Sunday, She received a few party favors. The theme was “rodeo” and the kids had fun playing around with the party favors. Here is what they did.

As you can see, no one wanted me taking pictures. That’s become a new thing around here. I’m starting to look crazy chasing everyone for pictures. They run away like I’m the paparazzi or something.

This afternoon, I went outside to water my garden. A few days earlier, I had Audrey pull up the potato plants to see if we got anything. Well, there was a little something

cowboy garden 008

Two small potatoes. I was glad to see something grew but since the soil was really crummy where we planted them, I wasn’t surprised. Or at least not till this afternoon. I sprayed some water on where the potatoes use to be and then I saw it.

cowboy garden 009 Eureka, One normal sized potato. Hey, ones better than none and the potatoes were really an after thought. Wait, I can’t believe I’m bragging about “a potato.” I just need to move on.

Nate had his appt with the Orthopedic Surgeon today. We arrived 15 minutes early for that dreaded paperwork you have to fill out. Funny thing, Dr. Jones (ortho) shares a waiting room with Dr. Madgy (ENT). So Nate was really comfortable there and enjoyed playing with the other kids. There were a couple of cute Kodak moments. Maybe I should carry my camera always? Anyway, of course the referral for the appt was not completed so I had to call the pediatricians office. This took away from me filling out paperwork and keeping an eye on Nate. Once that was squared away, I sat down to finish the paperwork and got called back to the room. In the room, once again I fill out paperwork and in walks the doctor.

We talk about Nate and he orders us to get an x-ray of Nate’s legs. I just wanted him to be assessed for the bowing of legs and make sure no spine issues. So, I have to go down a floor to imaging. I stop off at the desk and mention I didn’t get the paperwork filled out. No biggie they said. The paperwork was practical in triplicate anyway. All in all, Nate’s right leg bows slightly more than his left but there is no concern with problems. Dr. Jones had mentioned that he has done surgery(or seen) other dwarfs which made me feel comfortable with choosing him. Sometimes you never know if you are the first one they’ve seen. So we were in and out pretty fast which is good. Audrey and I had dentist appt this morning to get our teeth clean. We both did great and the total cavities between us total: 0! (Knock on wood!!!) Surprised you. You were expecting a bigger number, right? Well, I think I’ll call it a night.

Summer’s Just Passing By!

Nothing new to report. Audrey’s enjoying a birthday/swim party next door. I thought I’d take advantage and post. I’ve caught Nate on video doing a couple of things but he really doesn’t want me to capture his dancing. There’s one of him in his rocking chair and the other playing the piano.

Also, I got a couple of still shots of NateNate's Videos 003 Nate's Videos 002

And Audrey enjoyed her art class. She came home with a book to show her how to draw. We also picked up an origami book. Very hard. Go figure. Here’s a picture she made in her drawing class.scan0001 It’s a horse in a barn if you need a little help in seeing that.

scan0002This is the origami butterfly. It took me helping her and 30 minutes to complete.

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