**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

Time for an update!

Not really sure where I left off. I kind of thought I would be done with the blog but have had some new families find me on here. I feel obligated to give a little more.

First, we finished our living room remodel. It came out really nice and I’m happy to have a finished living room and make it feel more like my home.

Spring 2011 002Spring 2011 003Spring 2011 004

Spring 2011 017Spring 2011 018

Thanks to Facebook, I think the word got out that Nathan’s adenoid surgery went well. It was rough coming off of the anesthesia but once we were home Nathan perked up and was ready to eat. He loves having his picture taken and doesn’t miss a pose.

Laura's phone 056waiting on the operating room!

Laura's phone 057Nate 3 hours after surgery!

As some of you might know, I went back to school. Going to become a nurse. I’m finishing up the rest of the classes need to apply for the program. I took Anatomy & Physiology and Introduction to Nutrition. I got a 4.0 in both classes and striving to do the same in the final 2 classes that I’m taking. I also made the Dean’s List. I really feel so proud of myself. Although I did okay in college (Ahem!) 13 years ago, it really makes me feel good that I still got it. I think it has also put an importance on education that my daughter sees.

We had a fabulous 4th of July! We saw a private fireworks show that our friends put on along with a great party. It was so nice not having to fight crowds over the holiday. I posted the video on Facebook. I didn’t realize that his fireworks were going to be that long (20 minutes) so the video is long. To long to put on blogger. Here’s a few pics.

Laura's phone 010Laura's phone 015

I also am growing my garden this year. Sorry no pics because I really wasn’t planning on doing this blog. I started off real good and then my garden took a crapper on me. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I went back there just the other day to pull a few more weeds. This time I pulled the weeds after I had watered the garden and let it sit (easier to pull weeds in HOT weather). Well, I solved the problem. The amount of water I was giving it wasn’t adequate enough for this hot weather. I think it was drying up before it ever reached the root of the plants. I flooded the garden and we had some heavy rain that day and the plants perked up. I just hope that I will still get some good veggies. Once thing that is coming is a huge pumpkin. It trails out of my garden into my neighbors (about 15 feet long and going). She said that was fine. She’s pretty cool as opposed to the pecker heads that live on the other side. Hopefully I will have a nice pumpkin to show you all.

Oh my, I forgot the biggest news of all. 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Audrey my parents moved to Iowa. I got to see them about once a year. I really missed having them around and them getting to know their grandkids. Well suddenly, they got the news in June that they were moving back. YEAH! I know have my parents back here by me. My mom already claimed she was doing the holidays which I am super excited about. I missed holidays with my family. Since they are back, we planned a trip up north for some R&R. They way we always did it and I get to meet my 2nd cousins kids for the first time. I think the oldest is 5 and my cousin Jenni’s boy and Nathan are only 4 days apart. They should have a blast!

We also have 2 new additions to our family. Meet Big Red & Blackjack!

Laura's phone 012I think you can figure out who’s who!

Laura's phone 005Here’s some wild clouds we had after a rain storm. It was also very yellow outside. I thought I was on Mars!

Laura's phone 002This is how Nate likes to swing. He puts his arms out and we call him “Super Nate!”

Time for an update!

I’m surprised that I even know how to log into my blog. I’d be more surprise if anyone reads this. Yes! It has been a long time. I really admire those that can make such a commitment to blogging. I looked back and I’ve been silent since October. I must think of all the stuff that has gone on.

For the most part we were enjoying holidays and birthdays. The kids dressed up for Halloween and got lots of treats. We enjoyed the fall colors and waited for Turkey day! I just love the smell of a Thanksgiving feast. I prepared for Christmas! I like to get the shopping done early and since I have the kids birthdays right around the corner, I get all that done too! On the big day, Santa almost didn’t arrive since a little girl wouldn’t stay in bed. Too much excitement! Don’t worry, he did make it!

We have also been lucky to not have too much sickness. The year before it was pretty bad. Audrey has enjoyed school and planning sleepovers. It seems every week she wants someone to sleepover. Nate loves having Audrey’s friends over too and often ask if he can go play with them. I hope with spring coming we can get some of his friends over.

January came with 3 birthday’s! First Nate’s then Matt’s and finally Audrey’s. I survived them all by keeping it low key. Nate turned 3 and therefore graduated from Early One’s speech program. This bumped us into our school district and started him in preschool. A lot sooner than I thought. I figured I ‘d send him to 4 year old preschool so I would have had another 1 1/2 years. But I realize that this was the right thing to do. He has progressed so much in his speech and has been wonderful for his confidence. He just started riding the bus last week. I’m proud of him (but it broke my heart a little)! He has also made friends with a neighbor boy in his class. I’m sad that his friend will be moving on to kindergarten next year. Audrey turned 7 (more like 13) and has improved a lot this year in 1st grade. I see growth more this year then last. She is excelling in math and reading, although she likes the reading more. I hope she is taking after me!

Talking about me, yes me! I started back to school in January. Even though I have taken these classes they were too old to qualify for the nursing program. I’m taking Human anatomy and physiology (A&P) this semester and will be taking microbiology in the fall and then applying for the program. The program is competitive but I’m hoping that good grades and previous medical background will bump me to the top of the list. Since the majority of people receive C’s or worse in A&P, I’m hoping that a 4.0 in the class will draw their attention to accept me! I have realized since going back how much I love to learn. I feel like I need to be a professional student. Hmm, how do you get paid for taking classes. Guess I need a job to pay for that.

March brought news of Nate needing another surgery. This time to have his adenoids taken out. Shouldn’t be too bad since they are not doing the tonsils along with it. I was frustrated that his surgery that was to be this week had to be rescheduled. Threw a wrench in my plans along with Nate’s daycare center closing. Makes more work for mom. It lead me to reschedule the surgery right before Easter when I would have the most free time to handle him. I was informed that he would only need 2 days of recovery. He should be all set to bite the ears off of his chocolate bunny (which is all he’s been asking to do).

So I think that was a quick recap of all that has been going on. Beside us doing redecorating/remodeling the house. Guess when that is done I’ll have to do a post on that. I’ll post a few pics!

Christmas 031Christmas 043

Audrey's Birthday 004Audrey's Birthday 0081st day on the bus 001easter 001

March 2011 016

Best Friends!

Where Have I Been?

I feel the need to share a little. I’ve shied away from blogger. I do feel less stress to keep up with it. I’ve been enjoying being a mom. Audrey, as some may know, is in First Grade and way back in September she had her first day. I managed to get a couple of cute pics. She had a rough go, not wanting to be away from mom. But she managed to overcome her fears and is doing a lot better.

First Day First Grade 001First Day First Grade 002


Soon after school started we went to Heritage Day at the local township. It was a short, fun filled day and the kids got to see some cool things. Nate really enjoyed the cars and loved the red Mustang! He’s just like his dad! Audrey enjoyed some cotton candy…a little too much. She had a pink beard!

First Day First Grade 004

First Day First Grade 007

Since I was having a good day, I felt overly generous and took the kids out for ice cream. Nate doesn’t like ice cream so he played on the playscape.

First Day First Grade 008This is the slide that Nate would not go down.

First Day First Grade 009This was the slide he would go down.

First Day First Grade 010And this is his technique! On the belly feet first.

That’s all folks!♥

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