**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

Audrey’s Girl Scout Swaps

Audrey was required to make 100 items to swap. They had to be able to pin them on. Mom’s creative idea turned out to be hard work and for them to come out decent, I had to do it. Felt bad about this, but I am a perfectionist. Can’t put out a crappy product. We made daisy pins.girl scout swaps 001

The girls had a good time. Nate, however, wanted nothing to do with it. He did enjoy a hot dog though!april 2010 089 april 2010 092 april 2010 091 april 2010 090

After they are done, they enjoy what they got. Here are a few of the creations.

girl scout swaps 003 flip-flop, ice cream float, owl, daisy, Easter basket, party in a bag, heart lollipop and a caterpillar. But to get the full effect you need to see what is the beginning of a collections of worthless crap! Yes, those are my words. I hate clutter and things that don’t have a use. So, this is where we parked year #1’s collection!girl scout swaps 002

A shoebox!! I’m sure there is over 100 items in this box. Go Girl Scouts!!!

Our Easter!!

I feel like I’m starting to catch up on all my blogging. Audrey understood April Fool’s day this year and enjoyed telling me I had spiders in my hair!!

We had another craze of sickness hit the house. Audrey had a sinus and double ear infection and was put on antibiotics. Two days after that Nate got sick and after 4 days of not getting better took him to the doctors. Our regular doctor was out so we had another in the practice. He said Nate had a cold (not what Audrey had) but his ears looked a little red. For the most part the tubes in his ears have been working well. So Nate was put on Augmenten. He doesn’t favor well on this stuff. He refused to take it and raspberried back into my face. What I did get down caused diaper rash and mild diarrhea. After a couple days I called the doctors and the nurse told me to mix with yogurt. Finally, I was getting it down him. Two days after that, at night Nate broke out in a rash on his arms. It looked like a bad sunburn and hives showed up on his back and legs. I stopped the antibiotic and called the doctors office the next morning. Although not 100% positive, the doctor determine a mild allergic reaction to the antibiotics. We now have to stay away from Penicillin. To top that off, Audrey came down with gastroenteritis which she gave to her dad and Nate. For Nate it hit right around Easter. He already had diarrhea from the antibiotics and now this. Poor kid lost 2 pounds.

Easter morning and once again it was like Christmas. Audrey was up early checking everything out and wanting us to get up too. Not going to happen. But once we were up, I snatched the camera and the kids dug through their baskets. Next was the egg hunt. The Easter bunny took the easier route and hid candy filled plastic Easter eggs. Sorry, no dying eggs this year. No one likes hard-boiled eggs and I didn’t want the mess or fuss after everyone being sick again!

april 2010 096 april 2010 098   april 2010 099 april 2010 101

Later we went over to Matt’s parents for dinner and the kids found what the Easter bunny left them there.

april 2010 105 april 2010 106 april 2010 107

A Little Birthday Fun!

After the baby shower on Sunday, the countdown began. Friday was to be the big day with a small birthday celebration happening on Thursday. I’m now another year older. I felt it this year, my sinuses were in full swing. I was stuffed up and my nose was dripping at the same time. I was tired from not sleeping well. You know you can’t breath when you lie down. But I made the most of the day. I went shopping and then relaxed with my family that evening. april 2010 084 MY CAKE!!

Friday came and I was excited to get Audrey off to school. I must say that this is the last time I plan anything big. Pretty much just going to swing things from the hip. Kids really are unpredictable. With Audrey off at school, I could attended to my Facebook “job” and then finish my house chores. That should get accomplished by the the time I picked Audrey up from school. But that is not the way this story goes. I got a call around 9:30 am to come pick Audrey up from school because she vomited. Seems she was the second to show the teacher their breakfast. Since Matt was off he picked her up and brought her home. We figured that she really wasn’t sick since she is a “sympathetic puker.” She looked fine and I let her lie on the couch and watch cartoons. She complained that her stomach hurt a little. I figure she just wanted me to “mother” her. Around 2 pm we decided to tell her the news since we thought she would snap out of her funk. She was instantly cured. The big news being: WE’RE GOING TO SEE TAYLOR SWIFT IN CONCERT! She didn’t quite get what a concert was and after explaining thought it was cool but not the jumping up and down with excitement like I thought. april 2010 087

Matt got us a limo to take and we started our night with dinner. She did well until she headed for the bathroom. Seems this was the start to a very nasty stomach bug. She had an accident which led us to Target. Oh, yeah! Target in a limo is fun. really got some heads turning. After a quick change we were off to the concert. The place was packed and the shirt lines were really, really long. After 5 min in line Audrey had to use the bathroom and we quickly jogged off to one. Of course we had to make cutsies because she couldn’t hold it. We later join another t-shirt line where after 5 min she announces “bathroom again.” I told her I would buy a shirt online. I hate lines and have no patience for them. We get our seats and await the opening act: Kelly Pickler. She was former American Idol who now has an album and sounded pretty good. After she was finished I said we would try for a shirt again. I looked hard for the shortest line and found one with only a 10 min wait. Next was to get to our seats for Taylor. I was so excited but Audrey wasn’t looking that well.

5 min till Taylor was to come on my daughter leans over and out comes dinner. Really, REALLY? Is this happening right now? The family next to us was kind enough to get an attendant to call for housekeeping as I apologized to everyone for this gross happening. They asked if we wanted to go to medical and I figured it was a good time to get out of there. Less people around to clean up and it would get all eyes off of us. It turned out to be a good choice. The way to medical was to go back stage. We walked down to the floor (because we were only 4 rows off the floor!!) and back behind the black curtains. My eyes were scanning everything and there she was. Taylor was heading up the ramp to the stage. How exciting! Audrey was seen at medical, declared she had gastroenteritis. She sipped some Sprite as I heard the concert start. After a few minutes she said she felt better and wanted to go back to the concert. We returned and watched for about 30 min until Audrey turned to me crying. She didn’t feel good and wanted to go home to bed. It was a hard decision but we left. I was mad but didn’t know who to be mad at. Everything was out of our control.

The truth being, I have a concert curse. This is my third concert in a row ( I don’t go to many) that something has happened. I think it was in 2002 I went to see Janet Jackson after the concert (with plenty of witness and no alcohol in my system) I feel down a flight of stairs. My hand stopped my forehead from slamming the concrete ground. Otherwise it would have been a trip to the ER. 2003 I saw Tim McGraw in concert. The only concert I fell asleep in because I was so sick with a head cold and a sinus infection the medication knocked me out. Matt decided to leave early to take my miserable self home. And 2010 Taylor Swift concert. Another one for the memory book!

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