**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

The Last Birthday of the Month!

Yes, January is almost over and the celebrations of the birthdays come to an end. Audrey was the last to celebrate her 6th birthday! I’m worn out!! Thanksgiving, Christmas and 3 birthdays later. Really I have one more week to put in since Audrey with have a party at one of the local bounce houses. I guess I can put my feet up. Of course I did plan the party on Super Bowl Sunday, whoops! But it’s early enough and shouldn’t be a problem. For her actually birthday we celebrated at grandma and grandpa’s house. My father-in-law made her cake just the way she asked for it. Chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, sprinkles and cherries on top. Too cute!! He added some butterflies and it was all set to go. She opened a few gifts since her party is our gift to her (apparently they cost A LOT!) but every little girl needs one. Enjoy the pictures!

Audrey birthday 001

Audrey birthday 006 Audrey birthday 013

I got a talent!

As most of us know, it is important for our children to be independent and self-sufficient in our world (the average height world). I have encouraged Nathan to learn how to figure things out on his own ( or have shown alternative methods of obtaining what he wants). I am proud of him and what he has accomplished. To me everything he does is special and amazing. I feel I have retrained my brain into thinking that he does things that average sized children couldn’t but I think that as parents we tend to think our children are geniuses. Nate has figured out how to get himself into his highchair and buckle himself in. He’s actually been buckling himself in since he was 1 but has enough strength now to climb in. Also, mom had to assist for video sake but he does this all day long with no help. Enjoy the video!

Since Nate has reached 2 years of age his vocabulary has began to increase. I don’t know if he is where he needs to be till I talk with the doctor but I think that he is doing great. Since Nate suffered with numerous ear infections for a year, the fluid trapped in his ear my have led to slower vocabulary development. I know that I can understand him quite well but I don’t think that others will have as easy a job. I would love to hear what you think about this and if I should think about speech therapy. Nate’s vocab consist of these words: Mom, Daddy, Au-gee (Audrey), woof, meow, ball, ba-oon (balloon) bye-bye, baby, hi, up, pease (please), grandma, papa, ow, wow, bink, dree (drink). I included a video of him talking, he was distracted and of course didn’t want to perform but it gives an idea. These are the words that he says: Balloon, baby, ball, woof woof, meow, mom, Audrey, bye-bye and daddy.

Let’s Celebrate Birthday #2!

It’s January 4th and it’s time to celebrate birthday #2 for Nate! It turned out to be a wonderful day and Nate was in a good mood. Actually, everyone was in a good mood. Audrey had her first day back to school. She asked me to pick her up early from school because she didn’t want to miss Nate’s birthday party. How cute! But the festivities weren’t planned till 4:30 so everyone could get together. Usually we have a big family gathering at our house but as family moved away and great-grandparents get older it has become a smaller gathering. We decided on a smaller celebration with Matt’s parents at their house.

Now Nate knew it was his day. Funny how they get that so early. Anytime you said “birthday boy” or  sang “Happy Birthday,” he would smile and giggle. I feel so blessed to have him in my life (like I do both my kids) and that he is healthy with minimal complications. So this birthday felt so much more special to me than his first. Only because we didn’t have to under go all that testing and I’ve gotten comfortable with the things that can come with dwarfism. I contribute this to our wonderful blogging moms and dads out there.

At grandpa and grandma’s house we had Taco Bell for dinner. You may laugh at that but Nate L-O-V-E-S  TB burritos. So you get your choice of birthday dinner! Grandpa made 2 wonderful cakes. Why I didn’t take pictures, I don’t know? But one was a teddy bear (3D-like) and the second was a strawberry cake. Unfortunately all the excitement made Nate toss his cookies, so he got a birthday bubble bath before he opened presents. It was just 10 days ago that we celebrated Christmas with a ton of presents so what else could a boy need… a car! While everything he got was a big hit minus the clothes, I say his new red coupe was his favorite. He drives it everyday! Happy 2nd Birthday Nate!!!

Jan 4 2010 061 Jan 4 2010 002

           My new Car!                          Dad, grandpa and me!

Jan 4 2010 012 Jan 4 2010 014

              Say Cheese!                      Here’s the Bear Cake!

 Jan 4 2010 021 Jan 4 2010 029

Jan 4 2010 043 Jan 4 2010 049

Nate in his house again! Can’t get enough!

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