**Nathan was born January 2008 with Achondroplasia dwarfism. Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism. This blog welcomes a look into our family as we raise our son as a Little Person.**

Watch Nathan Walk

Here I go!!!

Nate's first steps

Okay, so it may be early to brag but Nate just took 10-15 steps all on his own tonight. I didn't really count the steps because I was holding my breath as I watched my little guy do the walking. I cried with excitement and Matt sat on the computer thinking 'yeah, kids walk-duh'. Men just don't get as excited as we do.

Sorry about the last post, I forgot the title.

Our Kids Keep Us Going!

It's been awhile. After Nathan had the flu and I thought that life was getting back to normal, I got the flu. I haven't had the flu in 10 years and forgot how much energy it zaps out of you. The kids don't have anything on the flu bug. So Friday, I pretty much sat on the couch feeling crappy and knowing that I still had to take care of a 15 month old. Of course, 2 hours before I got sick I ordered tickets to the Hannah Montana Movie for Audrey and I to see. I sucked it up and dropped Nate off at grandpa's and took Audrey to the movie. I thought that she would sit and enjoy the movie and mom would kick back and take a nap. BUT
1. My daughter loves to talk. She had to ask questions and narrate the movie for me.
2. Those ICEE's are really good and great for nausea.
3. Didn't want to miss any opportunity to see Rascal Flatts.
4. The hoedown hip hop was a must see.
All in all I made it through the movie without running for the bathroom. Finally, by Sunday I felt well enough to think about some breakfast and we all went out to eat.

Monday Audrey went back to school from her Easter break. I picked up the movie Bedtime Stories from the library and we watched it that afternoon. It was a cute movie but the trailer really did make it look better than it really was. My favorite part was when his (Adam Sandler's) nephew mentioned during the bedtime story that Abe Lincoln showed up. Then in real life when he's (Adam Sandler) was under the docks about to kiss the girl he freaked out about Abe Lincoln showing up and ruined the kiss, only to find a penny lying on the ground. It also didn't keep Audrey's attention for very long.

Tuesday it rained all day and was really cold and I felt like staying home.
Wednesday, Audrey's class was going to the bounce house place we had a fun time. Audrey did most of the bouncing while I found something to entertain Nate. I have some great pictures to follow. Later that night I took Audrey to her swim class and got a little time to relax. Matt watched Nate for me and I got to read more of my Harry Potter book that I haven't touched in a year. Maybe I can finish it before the movie comes out?

Thursday, today Audrey, Nate, myself and our golden retriever, Bentley went for a nice long walk. I think we walked almost two miles. Mamma's out of shape because my body was aching. The dog was tired out too because he took a nap when he got home. We were hot from the walk so Audrey and I got popsicles. Nate was pretty jealous so I shared. He wasn't afraid to take a big bite. Well dinner is ready. My husband got a new Weber gas grill and made our first hamburgers of the spring/summer. Ta Ta

Good-bye Easter

I'm starting to think that Nathan has an allergy to holidays. What a week I have had. Nathan was sick just before Christmas and now he was sick for Easter. Wednesday night he began vomiting which followed with diarrhea on Thursday. I was worried that it might be something more severe than the stomach flu and kept forcing liquids down him. The poor little guy just cried (more like screamed) in pain. I felt I was a zombie from lack of sleep and exhaustion. Then, Easter Sunday we had to make a trip to the E.R. Nathan was screaming non-stop in pain, his abdomen was distended and he was all backed up. One extreme to the other but they helped him feel better for a little while. Finally, tonight he showed that he was on the road to recovery. I got him to laugh and smile and play with a toy. I just can't wait to have my little boy back. Oh and the real topper on the cake is once again (for the 4th time) Nate has an ear infection. Last time he was on antibiotics for 25 days to clear it up. Which in part may have lower his resistance and why he got sick this time. I am definitely going to get those tubes put in his ears.

Well, since that's how I spent my Easter, I didn't get to see my family. No pictures, no seeing Audrey's face as she opened her Easter basket at Grandma & Grandpa's and no dying Easter Eggs. I feel that Easter didn't really happen. Heck I feel as if I lost 5 days but if you look around my house, you'll see those 5 days alright. Lots of work ahead of me.

I was pondering a thought tonight: Does this down economy contribute to more women getting pregnant? Is there going to be another baby boom? I know some women who said they were done having kids get some surprise news.???

15 month check-up

Nate went to the doctors office yesterday. Of course, thanks to the Michigan weather we had to venture out in windy, snowy, wet weather. But we made it. Nathan had a good check-up. And even better to hear no ear infections. He however still has fluid present in his ears. We still need to be careful that doesn't turn into an ear infection. Also, the doctor decided to hold off on immunizations. No crying this time. Here are Nate's measurements.

Height: 26 3/4 (down a 1/4 from last visit???)
Weight: 18 lbs 1 oz
Head: 20 1/4

Also, mommy is so proud! I have been working with Nate on his walking. He has been cruising along furniture for months. A couple of times over the week he has taken at least 2 independent steps. With some encouragement I know he is on his way. GO NATE!!!

Audrey's Last Special Helper Day at Preschool

Friday was the last day Audrey would be special helper at preschool. It was a sad moment for mom. Audrey and mom get to help with the activities of the day and Audrey provides snack for everyone at school. It is a fun time. They read stories and dance to music, get to play and do "must-dos" (This is the learning activity of the day). This month their learning about bugs and spring and how everything has a life cycle. The class will be getting in caterpillars and chicken eggs. This will be so cool to see.

But I must say how sad it is to leave those preschool years. The excitement to watch their faces as if a light bulb popped on when they really get something. The unless questions which we all hate but you know that your the first to be "teaching" them about it. In the fall Audrey heads off to kindergarten, which I look forward to (I can spend time with just Nate) but also fear. It will be lonely not having her here all day. It also means that I will actually have to get up and find the phone instead of asking her to bring it to me or have her keep an eye on her brother. But I know that this will bring new excitement too. I think that I will miss her preschool teachers too. They have been so good and they really enjoyed having Audrey. Will her new teacher feel the same?

Enjoy the pictures! There's one of Nate in his new stroller!

Wolf House Happenings

Some days can be a bore and others you wish you could go to bed and start the day over. Nathan has moves on to "spider crawling." It's a step closer to walking. He is quite ambitious. It is so cute to watch him go. I nicknamed him "spider-man," of course.

Audrey has been excited about play dates with her friends from school. Depending on the personalities, this can be good and bad. Some days can be more work than others. Last night she decided once again it was time for her to have her haircut. Thank God it was a small section and not all the way up to the scalp. I took her to Great Clips (because their not busy and Audrey gets a balloon:) to have her haircut. I'm thankful she's not too ambitious about cutting her hair unlike her mom at her age. Right mom?

Over last weekend we also had a chance to bake a cake for my birthday. Dad made the cake, Mom frosted it and Audrey got to add the sprinkles. It was a fun time for the whole family.

Nate goes to the doctor Monday for his 15 month check-up. I'm praying that we don't hear he has another ear infection. But I feel that I'm not that lucky. I'll keep you updated.

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